supreme-liberty-thorgenson camp caps

With the popularity of Supreme approaching holding capacity, one starts to wonder if the streetwear nature of the brand will be diminished, as it’s not so unique or interesting when everyone knows about it, call it the “Indy Plight” if you will. Though they may not have intended it as such, this collaboration with Liberty that draws inspiration from Storm Thorgerson (a renowned artist, famous for Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”) may subliminally be out to prove that the Supreme box logo is not another “brick in the wall” and that they still are true to what they started out ass. No matter what, the pattern on these is intense, and Liberty certainly stepped out of their paisley comfort zone, to which we tip our cap. Speaking of caps, these can be had now if you’re quick with the mouse. 

supreme-liberty-thorgenson camp caps_02 supreme-liberty-thorgenson camp caps_03


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