If you saw the ‘Teen Titans GO! Movie’ and then stayed to see the end-credits scene you’d know that Cartoon Network’s original Teen Titans would be coming back in a big way.

Back in October of last year, it was confirmed that the 2003 Titans would be coming back to clash with Cartoon Network’s current Teen Titans in ‘Teen Titans GO! vs Teen Titans’ and now we know exactly how. What starts as a battle to see who’s the best in the multiverse, become a joined effort to battle Raven’s father Trigon, Hexagon, and Santa Claus. Yes, Santa Claus. Mrs. Claus will also be making an appearance and she has a mean right hook.

This may not be the way OG Titan fans wanted them to come back but they have to work with what they got. Teen Titans GO! vs Teen Titans will be available on Blu-ray and Digital later this year.


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