Much like Warren Sapp, Terell Owens is another NFL player in the dumps. The Six Time NFL Pro Bowl wide receiver recently announced that he was broke and as a result, he’s selling every sneaker in his collection. Surprised? We’re not. In fact, almost every NFL player that announced their financial stump, usually ends up selling their collection on Ebay or some other auction. As of now, T.O is only selling his Team Jordan’s but you never know what you may come across. Check out the listings over at TO81


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  1. nigga them shoes aint gone make you no money…this nigga need to go crack a big bitch… cuz she’ll give him more money than them ugly ass
    shoes will…wow

  2. Those have to be the ugliest J’s I have ever seen, here is a thought- get a job,
    good luck with all that though.

  3. Look at the shitty room with the piece of shit blue furniture moving pad on the floor

    Maybe this idiot deserves to go broke…60 fucking pair of Jordans -DUDE AND HES SELLING THEM CHEAP AS FUCK WTF

    hes on drugs….

  4. You people in the comments are ignorant as hell. Beyond ignorant. He still has more money than all of you. Might not be what he was making before, but he’s not completely broke.

  5. If that was me I would have changed my ways and learned to keep my mouth shut. He would have been maybe still playing or atlease riding the bench on someones team… see he learned the hard way the saying “your mouth gonna get you in trouble”. Bottom line, dude is dumb as hell and deserve everything hes going through. Everyone tried to help dud, but he wants to keep blaming everyone else but himself… and btw, got damn dude my 5 month old son have a better collection of shoes than this.. smh

  6. In his prime he was hands down one of my favorite players to watch play, but his personality was a little too much for 4 teams to handle, wish him the best, but even if his collection is wack, he’s basically doing what every sneakerhead I know does when they are running low on funds….they sell their shoes. Remember this dude still holds a few single season records in the nfl and has played in a Super Bowl, personally I myself can say I’ve never done that, just sayin tho

  7. He’s an ass hole .. for one how many fucking size 14 wearers do we fucking have… Two he purchased all the ugly ass ones.. three he’s broke because he’s an asshole…. maybe he should have purchased a fucking personality and he would not have been broke…. dumb ass

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