adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche_06
Kris Van Assche has lent his talents to adidas, teaming up with the three stripes squad to impregnate the Ultra Boost with his sense of style. The argyle kicks (STOP CALLING IT A DIAMOND PATTERN) may look like your dad’s sweater from 2007 but, no, they definitely do.

In your choice of tonal grey with green or tonal grey with red, these black accented kicks are something. The silhouette is a winner through and through. These kicks certainly look like Assche, we’ll let you decide of that’s a good thing or a bad thing. This two-piece set will be hitting shelves starting June 25th, will you be copping? Let us know via the MN FB.


adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche_05

adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche_02

adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche_04

adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche_03

adidas-ultra boost-kris van assche


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