Our homies, The Colorways, are putting on a dope sneaker-based event for the city of Portland, OR next week. We wanted to shout them out and introduce ya’ll to the wave, because we need more positive support in the sneaker community. Keeping that energy positive is at the root of The Colorways, and we’re about that – “simple as that for your simple @ss.”

There’s always room for Cudi

If you’ve been rockin’ with Modern Notoriety for awhile then you know how much we value brand involvement with community. We pride take great pride in the way Modern Notoriety interacts with the greater Chicago area and beyond. From our immersive photo clinics to our Street Meetups.

Jermaine Bandiola’s photo from our MN x adidas Originals Street Meetup

The Colorways is festival that highlights the vibrancy of streetwear culture and the sneaker community as a whole. Their objective is to promote dialogue, entertain and spark new ideas. We’re all about sharing sneaker knowledge and doing badass ‘ish here at Modern Notoriety, so The Colorways festival is something we can most def stand behind! If you’re in the Portland Area July 4-7 then be sure to come through! Learn more about the event, HERE.


Here’s the down low on the events The Colorways will feature 4th of July Weekend:

Cams Customs by Cameron Kiyokawa

Cam of Cam’s Customs

When: Daily; July 4-7
What: An interactive customizing experience that brings together consumers and elite customizers. Cam’s Customs seeks to bring everyone closer to the creative process and to expand the horizons of those looking to get into the game. This is a can’t miss for those looking for an introduction to the medium of shoe customization.


The Closing Ceremony by Chapters Alumni

Lil Mosey

When: July 7
What: A concert feating some of the hottest new acts in the game presented by Chapters Alumni. Lil  Mosey headlines with performances by Flipp Dinero, Ill Chris, Lil Gotit and more!


Aesthete Society Presents: Infinite

Aesthete Society

When: Various times from July 4-7
What: Infinite is centered on the idea that the imagination is infinite. This interactive experience fuses skateboarding, music and art to explore how all three develop deep thinking and imagination. They’re trying to get 300 people on a skateboard for the first time, or the first time in a long time. Come out, get your skate on, learn and show out!


Deconstructed by Deadstock Coffee

Ian Williams, owner of Deadstock Coffee

When: Daily, July 4-7
What: Deadstock Coffee, the dopest coffee shop in Portland, kicks off The Colorways by drawing parallels between sneaker culture and coffee – there’s more similarities than you’d expect. Deadstock is the pioneer of the sneaker based coffee game if their name didn’t give it away; they know their ‘ish; role through and get your learnin’ on.


There’s much much more going on, head to TheColorways.com to learn more!


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