The latest collection from The Hundreds sees the LA-based streetwear brand collaborating with award-winning cartoon series Animaniacs. This marks the second time The Hundreds has worked with the ’90s Kids’ WB show, following a t-shirt capsule released in 2017.

Yakko, Wakko, and Dot are the stars in the collection, yet a wide array of characters are featured on these graphic tees. Pinky and the Brain are on a blue shirt with ‘The Hundreds’ branding above their heads. A group shot tees features appearances from from Dr. Otto von Scratchansniff, Buttons and Mindy, The Hip Hippos and more.

In a blog post, Bobby Hundreds notes that he shot the lookbook with his sons and a neighbor’s daughter due to the COVID-19 situation. He notes that it’s reminiscent of the early days of The Hundreds, when he would shoot everything himself without the elaborate production or full crew of models and photographers.

The collection releases Wednesday April 22nd at 9pm PDT (11pm CDT). You can order from The Hundreds website.


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