Bobby Hundreds’ bestseller¬†This is Not a T-shirt has inspired countless people, creators and non-creators alike. Most recently it has been the basis of a new capsule collection between The Hundreds and prxkhxr, the brand of 24-year-old Prakhar Chauhan.

Prakhar is a designer and print developer based out of New Delhi. After coming across and reading Bobby’s book, he sent him a DM on Instagram, not knowing that he’d spark a collaboration celebrating his creative skills on the very platform he looked up to for tips and motivation. On his choices and the motives of his designs, he said, “I have an inclination of combining a lot of different elements in what I do, but always keeping an Indian element at the core – it might be small or not noticeable immediately, but it’s there. I want to make clothes which are considered inherently cool, and at the same time very relatable to an average Indian kid like me.”

Read the interview between The Hundreds and Prakhar on The Hundreds’ blog and look for the premiere of The Hundreds by prxkhxr this Wednesday, February 17th at 9pm PST on


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