Following their Clyde “Decades” collaboration last year, The Hundreds and Puma reunite for the release of the “Cliques” collection. The collection draws inspiration from Ben Hundreds’ experience as a teenager growing up in the ’90s.

High school cliques were easily identified back then. The jocks, preps, skaters, geeks, and cool kids could be differentiated by each groups style of dress. As a teenager, Ben floated between each tribe, leading to the desire to build The Hundreds later in life, a brand that houses everyone across genres and borders.

Nowadays, it’s easier to dress however you want without it pigeonholing you as belonging to a certain social group or lifestyle. “Cliques” by The Hundreds and Puma is a discussion of high school cliques over the past couple generations. The collection is broken down into four sets, three inspired by high school cliques in the ’90s: “jocks,” “preps,” and an all-encompassing “party crew”, with the fourth “2020” set being inspired by the modern youth, an aggregate of all subcultures and niche interests.

Check out the lookbook images of the “Cliques” collection by Puma and The Hundreds below, featuring illustrations by Van Goathe. The collection launches Wednesday, April 29th at 9 PM PDT (11PM CDT) on

The Jocks

The Party Crew

The Preppies



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