the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_10
The anniversary celebrations continue for the Ventilator, this time with LA’s The Hundreds taking a stab at two fresh colorways for the venerable classics.

Drawing inspiration from the zodiac signs of The Hundreds co-founders Ben and Bobby, the kicks can be had in your choice of Taurus or Aries, both of which are executed in pig suede, leather, mesh and a dash of 3M for good measure. These kicks can be copped starting August 1st, so mark your calendar and stay tuned to MN and The Hundreds for the latest on these and other pending releases.

the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_09 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_07 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_08 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_06 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_05 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_04 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_03 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator_02 the hundreds-reebok-ventilator


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