Following Episode 1 of the Return of Drose Campaign, comes Episode two dubbed “Hope”. D Rose shares his innermost thoughts on watching the 2012 NBA Playoffs as a spectator, beginning his intense, focused workouts to build his core and strengthen his body and spending time with his family and friends for support. “Hope” is inspired by Derrick’s passion to return to the court and achieve his ultimate goal – to win championships.

Derrick Rose, Point Guard, Chicago Bulls

“The whole time the playoffs was going on I only watched a couple of games from every series, but I wasn’t into it like I was if I was playing. I know that’s going to push me to work even harder … thinking of them winning the championship. It’s just going to drive me and I know I’m gonna have another year.

I was just worried about my health. My trainers that’s back in Chicago that work for the Bulls – they interviewed people – they told me to come here to LA to AP. These things I never learned before, where I used to just go out there and just hoop. Just learning how to march again, walk, run all that stuff.

I’m just trying to get healthy – that’s my biggest thing. Get my body together – rebuilding my whole body and have a lot confidence in myself and see where it takes me.

It’s just a blessing. A real blessing to see that this injury can’t stop me.

Basketball changed everybody’s lives that was around me. We was able to see the whole world – be with each other – that’s one of the reason why we so close because we’ve been hooping with each other since we was in sixth grade. So you have like a brotherhood.

Basketball was always my place to escape. It was peaceful when I was out there.

Just having belief and hope that got me here. I can’t wait till I win one. I will never stop.”

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