It takes a good set of photos to really bring out the beauty in a shoe and with the recent bashing of the upcoming Thermal Foamposite, it was time for these joints to get a bit of “Positive Shine” with some new flicks. Part of an upcoming Radar Pack, the Thermal Foamposite accompanies the “Weatherman” and Meteorology Foamposite which are all set to release this Summer. Crimson red uppers are featured on these foams, with Infrared Radar Imagery placed on the foam panels. Let us know if you’re feeling these joints after the jump.

thermal-foamposite_05 thermal-foamposite_06 thermal-foamposite_07  thermal-foamposite_09 thermal-foamposite_10 thermal-foamposite_11 thermal-foamposite_13 thermal-foamposite_14 thermal-foampositethermal-foamposite_08thermal-foamposite_03thermal-foamposite_02

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