Sir Michael Rocks and Owen Bones, aka Mystery School, besides sitting down with us in the office for an interview, also brought in a few staple items from their wardrobes for our new Threads feature. Here’s what they had to say about each item.

Sir Michael Rocks

Custom Himalayan Pants: These pants are just some custom jeans from the Himalayas. I was out there with some friends last year. There’s this town called Manali where they make a lot of hash actually, they make a lot of high quality hash and shit. We were up in Manali, there’s a lot of shops and restaurants and shit. They’re really small, obviously mom and pop owned stores, no corporate structures or anything like that. So we’re walking up the market street, there’s a bunch of little clothing stores and stuff, all selling random Himalayan type of shit. Sherpa pants, wool shit to keep warm and all that, because there’s a lot of hikers, a lot of nature people visit the Himalayas to do mountain climbing and shit. Then we come across this one shop and there’s this old, old ass dude in there, and we go in and he just had a bunch of pants basically. Some of them were one-of-a-kind, one-off. I come across these, which at the time I was trying to basically make some pants like this, with the double-seam stitching and all that shit. They like zip off at the knees and turn into shorts if you want to and shit. They’re just mind blowing and I was really surprised to find these pants up here in the mountains randomly. I’m like damn, I can’t even find these in America anywhere, like the top fashion spots and all that. I wanna start that trend of the double-stitching in your pants again and like big cargo pockets and all that crazy shit. We start talking to the guy who owns this store and it turns out he actually makes everything in the whole store by hand. We end up getting him to come back down and visit us in New Delhi in India, it’s like a little flight away. My friends, they have a manufacturing factory there where they make clothes as well, that’s what I was out there trying to do, just make clothes with my friends and stuff. We actually got the guy to come down and give us basically the blueprint for these pants. He’s really cool and it all turned out pretty great. He’s working with my friends now, still. It was one of those chance encounters that you wouldn’t really expect, especially up in the mountains like that.

Tasmanian Devil Tee: That one is just a nostalgic shirt. It really reminds me of being 5-6 years old. I would just see like everybody who was cool had those kind of shirts, where they would take the Looney Tunes characters and put them in ghetto ass clothes and give them braids and shit. It was like super 90s style, I was always just a fan of those mash-ups.

Custom Yellow Tee: This a t-shirt I actually made a few years ago. I had an artist, this girl that I know, just animate some custom scenes from the anime Hunter x Hunter and just turn them into kinda kiddy looking pictures, because on the show they’re like real serial killer, murderous villains and shit. I was like make ’em real nice and sweet and kids and shit. She did a really good job with the artwork and I was able to get it printed over the shirt and it turned out pretty tight.

Fido Dido Tee: The black shirt is a Fido Dido shirt, which was a brand in the late 80s, early 90s. Just a nostalgic kinda rare piece that I ended up finding at a little second-hand shop. I was just super surprised to find it there. I had it on for the cover of The Cool Kids’ last album ‘Special Edition’.

The Cool Kids – Special Edition Grandmaster Deluxe

White Tee: And finally, the grand finale, we got a 2X Pro Club white t-shirt, which is just like an early 2000’s staple. You had to have a big ass, dumb ass, white tee. I kinda like that style again now man. [Owen interjects: “Didn’t Jay Worthy make a song about Pro Club?”] Yeah, I feel like Jay Worthy did, like Jay Worthy would know for sure man. But yeah, given that everything in fashion is so off-the-wall and like “WOW! Look at this: colors, stitching, rhinestones, gold, leather, black, blue” all this wild shit all the time, it feels good to just be able to put on a blank canvas and not to have to just scream fashion with every outfit that you wear and you can still have style but not have to use brands or logos to get that point across.

Owen Bones

Vintage Denim Jacket: That’s from my dad. I believe he was wearing that in the 80s. I inherit a lot of hand-me-down swag from my dad. I’m not out there regularly looking for vintage, thrifted stuff. He just wears that still and I was like “hey I really like that” and he just gave it to me. I whip that on for special occasions.

BAPE Gore-Tex Jacket: That one has a special place in my mind because I bought that right before a Cool Kids tour. The first real, long tour I was supposed to go on. I thought to myself, I don’t have any BAPE or Supreme or like grail pieces and I’m going on a rap tour, I gotta get some type of hypebeast shit. But, you know, it’s very functional. I’m kind of a understated guy. I don’t need any sort of tie-dye camo or really loud stuff, so I was just looking for something functional. I really love it cause it’s super thin, super lightweight, and it’s completely Gore-Tex. You can use it as a shell in the winter to keep snow out and warmth in, or I can use it on rainy days and shit like today in the spring as a raincoat. I got cause we were also gonna be in Canada, going through a million different climates and shit, so I tried to be reasonable in what I was getting. But yeah, that was my first real “rapper” item.

Acronym Nike Air Presto Mid “Cool Grey”: The Acronym shoes, I’m a big fan of Acronym in general. I would say that’s probably my favorite brand out. My shoes are usually about as extravagant as I get with my outfits, so the Acronym shoes lend themselves to the kind of look I like. The Prestos, they’re super comfy, they’re a bit odd looking, kind of attention-grabbing, but they’re monochrome so they go with this understated look that I like.

Mystery School utility bag: I initially figured I’d bring it as a shameless plug, but it’s actually really nice. It fits a lot of stuff in it. [Mike interjects “You can definitely fit a Nintendo Switch”] You can fit a Switch in there. And it fits the look that we’ve cultivated, the brand look. It’s also the same size profile as a sling bag that I usually wear. I like the tactiful look of it and it’s actually a really useful bag.

Ray-Bans: I got these a long time just cause I need a pair of sunglasses when I was traveling. I’d go on dive trips and my eyes are kind of fucked up so I needed some legitimate sunglasses. They’re simple, understated, reflective, can wear them any condition, work well, staple item.

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