With the Mamba passing MJ in scoring a few days ago, it’s only right to bring back this moment where Michael Jordan tells a UNC Player that he’d “Be Cut from the team if he sees him wearing those Kobes”. Michael Jordan proceeds to tell the players that they’d get anything they want if they get into the Final Four. The footage is old but a memorable one.

“Hey Dude, Next time I see you wearing those Kobe Bryant’s I’m cutting you right off”


  1. If MJ says it, you fuckin’ do it. Haha but no seriously he was just giving them shit, only doesn’t seem that way because he IS Michael Jordan. You trying him and not coming off as a filthy rich asshole in anyway. Average people wouldn’t understand, do you know what his brand provides them a year??

  2. Those thinking he was serious, the man was just joking and clowning with them. But hey why would you wanna wear anything else anyway playing for UNC getting exclusives for the team

  3. He Was Just Playing ! Tf That Nigga Don’t Care He Still Making Money And He Told He Could Wear If They Was Win Listen


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