Toronto-based brand Tired Lab by Waley Gao will be releasing its newest creation, a “Sleeper Plush” toy inspired by the Pokémon, Snorlax.

The “Sleeper Plush” comes in 3 colors: olive, multicolor, and black. The plush toy is constructed of multiple colored panels in a mix of prints and patterns. Along with the plushie drop, Tired Lab is also releasing a pink paisley pattern bucket hat and a matching camp collar shirt as part of the brand’s “Sleep Till Summer” collection.

Tired Lab’s “Sleeper Plush” will release on February 20th at their popup at Nomad Toronto from 8-10pm. An online drop for the plush will be on Friday February 21st at 3pm EST on Tired Lab’s website. Check out the plush and the rest of the “Sleep Till Summer” collection below



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