Wieden+Kennedy struck gold when they came up with Nike’s current “Just Do It” campaign back in 1988 and ever since, they’ve used the slogan with just about every major athlete you can think of. Adding a bit of artistic flavor to the Swoosh and Slogan is “Swoosh Art”, a cool tumblr featuring Historic paintings that utilize the swoosh, as well texts that put a spin on the “Just Do It” line. Check out the imagery below!

swoosh-art-tumblr_03_result swoosh-art-tumblr_04_result swoosh-art-tumblr_05_result swoosh-art-tumblr_06_result swoosh-art-tumblr_07_result swoosh-art-tumblr_08_result swoosh-art-tumblr_09_result swoosh-art-tumblr_11_result swoosh-art-tumblr_12_result swoosh-art-tumblr_13_result

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