Last week, Tyler, the Creator began teasing the release of his sixth solo studio album with a billboard on Sunset Boulevard that reads “Call Me If You Get Lost.” The billboard also featured a number that could be dialed to hear a pre-recorded conversation between Tyler and his mother. Today the teasers come to an end, as Tyler officially unveils the album, its artwork, and release date.

Artwork for Call Me If You Get Lost centers around the concept of traveling, with the cover art made to look like the passport for Tyler’s new alter-ego, “Tyler Baudelaire.” Additional artwork by the painter Gregory Ferrand pictures Tyler Baudelaire wearing a blue ushanka and matching cardigan, holding a suitcase in each hand. The album roll-out has includes two videos so far, a teaser video titled “Side Street” and the video for the album’s first single, “Lumberjack.”

Call Me If You Get Lost drops next Friday, June 25th. Box sets of the album with tees and posters and individual CD and cassette copies of the album are available to purchase now on the GOLF WANG website.


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