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Hidden in plain sight on Sunset Boulevard is a billboard with the number 1-855-444-8888 displayed underneath the words “Call Me If You Get Lost.” What one might not realize until dialing the number is that it’s actually what appears to be a recording between Tyler, the Creator and his mother. Many fans believe this marks the musician’s new album rollout.

If it weren’t for the Columbia Records logo, the announcement might’ve gone overlooked. However, the recording plays a quick message between mother and son with a tune — supposedly from Tyler’s new album — playing in the background. As any proud mother would, she boasts “he got his looks from me” and calls him her “ride or die.”

The only time Tyler’s voice is heard is when she inquires “Am I lying?” to which he replies “You have no reason to.” A bit of insight on his childhood appears through her claim that she “bossed up on teachers, principles, mamas, kids…” over her son, ending with a bold “I’ll beat your whole family and didn’t give a f—.”  The one minute recording ends abruptly.

The recording is rumored to be an interlude or part of a song called “MOMMA TALK” off of Tyler’s upcoming album. The rumors currently stand without a response from Tyler. His resume includes the critically acclaimed Igor in 2019 and Flower Boy two years prior, which leads fans to believe the time is up for a new offering.

More rollout should appear soon, possibly as updates on the “Call Me If You Get Lost” website. One thing is for sure, “Tyler mama crazy.”


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