On August 4th, 2011 Mark Duggan was shot and killed by the Metropolitan Police service in London, England. After receiving little information about his death, Duggan’s relatives and other local residents marched on the streets of Tottenham and soon after a riot broke out. The violence and destruction spread throughout the surrounding area and into other London boroughs. Eventually, it made it’s way into Birmingham, Liverpool, Nottingham, Bristol and Medway. The Police have arrested more the 1,100 people and 5 civilians have lost their lives during the mayhem. Many businesses have been affected by this including Footlocker, JD Sports, Ideal in Birmingham, Vans in Manchester and the Carhartt Outlet in Hackney, East London. Below is a picture of Ideal in Birmingham which many of you might recognize from Nike Skateboarding’s “Support your Local” apparel campaign and as you can see the store was completely destroyed like many other local businesses. Currently, the affected communities are rallying behind one another to clean up and rebuild what they have all worked so hard to establish.

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