UNDERCOVER has unveiled a collection partially inspired by Neon Genesis Evangelion, finally bridging one of the most beloved anime series in history with one of the most well-respected Japanese fashion houses in contemporary streetwear.

While the Evangelion pieces are just one part of the UNDERCOVER Fall/Winter 2021 collection, the pieces stand out from the rest using aggressive silhouettes and the instantly recognizable colors of the series protagonists’ Eva Units and plugsuits. Woven sweaters feature imagery from the show, while colorful puffer jackets and elaborate parkas echo the heads and bodies of the show’s giant robots. Some of the runway looks even feature what appear to be electronically lit headpieces and hoods shaped to echo the Eva Units’ heads. Flowing parkas and bomber jackets also sport large prints of the show’s characters.

The looks come in conjunction with the Evangelion series’ highly anticipated final movie, Evangelion: 3.0+1.0. Speaking to Vogue Runway on the collection in its entirety, designer Jun Takahashi said the following:

“I was expressing the worries and anxieties that individuals carry every day and the hope of what lies ahead…it probably doesn’t seem to directly link to clothing design, but I wanted to put the complicated emotional state of society into a physical form. This is what I considered while designing.”  

The collection premiered at UNDERCOVER’s runway show at Tokyo Fashion Week, which was set to a rearrangement of Radiohead’s “Creep” by Thom Yorke himself. Some of the looks also featured the forthcoming UNDERCOVER x Nike Dunk High, which you can get an early peek at here. You can take a look at the collection’s Evangelion pieces down below.



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