UNDERCOVER strikes while the iron is hot and provides a timely capsule of t-shirts revolving around the theme of social distancing. While virtually everyone is at home browsing for their next purchase, these tees look to feed your quarantine appetite.

The 10 shirts are split between 5 designs on black and white tees with front graphic artwork pulled from the archives of Jun Takahashi. One design features Gracie and Grapie enjoying a record in the safety of their own home, while another shows two characters maintaining a safe six-foot apart from each other. A design with teddy bears wearing masks relays a “Stay Safe” message, while four characters inside of a house encourage you to “Stay Home.” These shirts may represent a memory of a bygone era in the future after quarantines and social distancing are hopefully long over. If you are into supporting the global economy and making memories with clothing purchases, this is the capsule for you.

The full UNDERCOVER Social Distancing capsule collection drops April 17th 11AM JST (April 16th 9PM CDT) on the UNDERCOVER website and will be available for a three-day period. International shipping is available. Check out the complete collection below.


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