Union Los Angeles has shared “It Was A Good Day: Hustle and Motivate,” an anime-style promo video for the release of their upcoming Jordan Brand collab.

The clip was written and conceived by Reggieknow, a Chicago native and creative exec that is responsible injecting anime and hip-hop culture into mainstream media, such as in this ’90s Sprite Voltron ad. The short, animated by Arthell Isom of D’art Shtajio in Tokyo, pokes fun at the Union x Jordan 4 release as it follows a character named Diz, who has to navigate a job interview on release day.

Bearing some similarities to The Boondocks, the short includes social commentary, touching on civil rights, criminal justice reform and systemic racism while showcasing the trials and tribulations of getting a job while being a person of color, though it does so in a light-hearted manner. There are a ton of easter eggs in it for eagle-eyed anime fans, and there may even be an upcoming contest where someone who can spot them all will win something from the collection.

Accompanying the video is a cosplay shoot that features Diz along with the other three main characters: Eamona, Khalil and Lavell. Check out the images below and learn more about the collection and the the anime via unionjordanla.com and the “It Was A Good Day” Instagram.


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