vans-opening ceremony-magritte

Vans has teamed up with Opening Ceremony for their “Year of Belgium”, and the resulting collection of kicks will have art history lovers and graphic kicks lovers rejoicing simultaneously. Shining light on five paintings from famed Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, this collections just might be one of the hottest we’ve seen in quite some time. Featuring his  Shéhérazade, A Beautiful Relationship, The Blow to the Heart, The Ladder of Fire, and The King’s Museum works, this series is simply stunning, much like the originals. You can pre-order these March 17th releases now.

vans-opening ceremony-magritte_02 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_07 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_08 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_09 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_10 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_05 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_06 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_03 vans-opening ceremony-magritte_04



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