Chicago artist Vic Mensa released his debut studio album “The Autobiography” last Friday through Jay-Z’s, Roc Nation label. Mensa’s seven song EP “There’s a Lot Going On” from last June served as a platform for him to showcase his passion and genuine concern for societal issues. The already coveted SoundCloud rapper was advised by HOV to not be so vocal on a less important matter; it has been speculated that Vic dissed Lil Yachty on “OMG” during a performance. Where Mensa once said, “Then I signed to the Roc, now they say I’m Illuminati. B*tch I’m a tsunami, what the f*ck is a Lil Yachty,” the studio version of the track now says, “We threw up the pyramids, now they say we Illuminati. Fox fur Cavalli, f*ck Bill O’Reilly.” Vic Mensa always speaks his mind, but a legend’s voice of reason was enough to stop the diss from reaching the vinyl.


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