Following the announcement of their collaboration late last year, we now a first look at the Louis Vuitton LV² collection designed by Virgil Abloh and Japanese streetwear pioneer Nigo.

While Virgil Abloh and NIGO are known for their streetwear-style designs, Abloh wanted this collection to subvert expectations. In an interview with Vogue, Abloh explains the concept behind the collection: “Our strongpoint is the art direction of the concept. What people might be most surprised by is that for two guys known for streetwear history and ability, the collection is completely the opposite. That was our starting point: Let’s not do the expected. Let’s not put streetwear in a box. That’s the epiphany within the collaboration.”

Nigo’s personal style shines in various pieces throughout the collection. A hooded bomber jacket with a graphic of Mt. Fuji on the back is reminiscent of something that would be released under Nigo’s Human Made brand. The leather suitcases and handbags feature a “drippy” style inspired by Nigo’s BBC Ice Cream brand.

The collection also features a full denim ensemble, complete with pants, jacket, and bucket hat. Abloh is an admirer of Nigo’s denim collection and his connoisseurial knowledge of the fabric. “When it was a matter of developing these pieces, I thought that was the most authentic [thing], using him as a muse.”

Check out the Virgil Abloh and Nigo-designed Louis Vuitton LV² collection in the images below.

Photos: Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton


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