While NBA stars typically sign standard deals with footwear brands like Nike or adidas, Rui Hachimura has gone against the wave in a partnership with the global style platform GOAT. The Wizards rookie will represent GOAT on and off the court throughout the current NBA season and 2020 Olympics.

A lifelong fan of basketball and sneakers, the partnership gives Hachimura a chance to access new releases while also tapping into highly sought after sneakers of the past. GOAT and Jordan Brand will join forces to elevate the player’s continuous partnerships with each. GOAT will support Hachimura on a global scale, seeing that his influence in Japan and the greater Asia Pacific is incredibly noteworthy.

This isn’t the first time GOAT has taken a basketball star under their wing. In 2018, LA Lakers forward Kyle Kuzma crossed the t’s and dotted the i’s with the style brand to present the first ever athlete deal with GOAT.

Rui Hachimura and GOAT’s partnership will span over the course of two years and we’re sure to see Hachimura rocking brands across the board. Check out the announcement video below.




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