Hot off the release of their first respective solo projects since Watch The Throne, Kanye West and Jay Z appear to be, potentially, back at it again. The idea of a second coming of arguably one of the biggest moments in recent hip hop memory would be a bold yet at this point surprising move for the two artists, who, while friends, seem to musically have drifted apart. Side by side, though sales aren’t a great comparison, music wise, the two projects were in different leagues. Yeezus the album took hip hop to a place its never been, saw changes made no one saw coming, and used sounds and structures that won’t take complete root with other artists for years to come, while Magna Carta featured a little bit of everything you’ve already heard, just done in the grandiose Jay Z style. More After The Jump. It’s not my place to say which is better (though Yeezus pushed more boundaries than Magna Carta without argument) but it is extremely interesting that the two could be in cahoots on a new piece of music. If Twitter can be a credible source then we might just see a WTT2, and if anybody would know, it would be long time West/Z collaborator (and producer/engineer of Watch the Throne) Mike Dean, who hinted at Yeezus collaborater Hudson Mohawk via the social network that the project is “happening”. Be sure to stay updated on the increasingly media-genre spanning career of Mr. West here, as we have more to come from the designer/rapper/label owner/producer/celebrity/etc.


Via: Complex

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