You gotta respect a girl whose fashion sense matches her hustle. This week we’re catching up with San Francisco resident Jaz Pullen, the girl behind the brand 199x. If that doesn’t ring a bell to you, these Lil’ Kim shirts just might. I’ve been following Jaz and her projects for a while now, so I wanted to put ya’ll on cause a girl in long sleeves and Royal 1’s is automatically an A in my book. Check her out on Instagram and keep reading to see what she wore for the week.


Mariana Mandanas: What are you up to these days besides 199x?
Jaz Pullen: Right now I’m in school working on a business degree. My goal is to one day own my own store. I want to be my own boss you know? Not live out someone else’s dream.

MM: Word. I know you do your streetwear thing with 199x, but are you working on anything sneaker related?
JP: I’m working on some stuff for 199x right now so it’s undergoing a little maintenance! Besides that, I attend a lot of pop ups for different streetwear brands. Watching other people’s progress is inspiring. In terms of sneakers, I also participated in running a sneaker event called The Basement. It was a shoe exchange in San Francisco sponsored by Shiekh Shoes, hosted by Lil Debbie. It turned out pretty good, definitely helped with networking.


MM: I love your style! What’s a typical outfit like for you?
JP: Depends on the occasion, but my style is very chill. I like to be comfortable. I’ll definitely pick kicks over heels any day. A typical outfit for me is probably some AF1s or Jordan 1s, denim & a streetwear shirt—I love up-and-coming brands and Bape. I’m a fan of the tomboy look–everything great is made for men’s. Down to the kicks. But having small feet, I miss out on a lot of releases! Not to mention I like the oversized look and feel of my clothes. It’s a lot more comfortable. I don’t like my shit skin tight.

MM: Who are some girls you think have dope fashion sense?
JP: Vashtie is a huge inspiration for me. I love everything about her. She’s a true tomboy but she can also switch it up to high end and look real classy. It’s dope when females have different styles like that and look good in anything they wear.


MM: I know you love your Royals and white AF1s. What are some sneakers you need to pull out of the closet more often?
JP: Well, the Royal 1s and the AF1s match with almost anything and bring life to a plain outfit–especially if I’m wearing all black. I don’t wear my Bred 4’s that much. I love them but any sneaker with any type of material besides leather I don’t like to wear a lot. I don’t want anything to get on the material. It’s not the easiest shoe to clean.

MM: If you could only wear one version of the white AF1s–the lows or the mids–which would you pick?
JP: Lows. They go with damn near everything, and they’re easy to slip on and slip off since the laces don’t need to be tied. Sometimes the mids just look too bulky for certain outfits.

MM: Laces loose or tight?
JP: I like the laces loose. If the laces are pulled too tight there’s too much excess hanging off the shoe. Makes them look like clown shoes in my opinion.


MM: Favorite shoe of all time? Why?
JP: It’s hard to pick a favorite. There are a lot of shoes I love, but I guess I can say that Aqua 8’s are towards the top of that list.

MM: Favorite shoe on a guy?
JP: Jordan 1s or 8s. Very casual. They don’t have a lot going on & they aren’t really bulky. I like a guy to look simple but nice. He shouldn’t look more flashy than his girl [laughs].


MM: What’s the process of getting dressed for you? Shoes first or outfit first?
JP: Outfit first. Most of my sneakers stay in their boxes, and I only have a few I rotate around daily. When I look at someone, I look at their outfit and then their shoes. Some people it’s the other way around. Personal preference I guess.


MM: How’d you get into kicks?
JP: I worked at a shoe store for over a year, and that taught me so much about the overall quality and importance of different shoes. So much that people don’t even care about cause everything gets so hyped up nowadays.


MM: When you’re not in sneakers, what kind of shoes can we find you in?
JP: I’m not really a heels type of girl, but I will bring them out for a special occasion. Besides that I love platform shoes and wedges! I can still get my tomboy look with them, but I can dress them up a little more girly. It’s also nice that they make me a little taller [laughs].

MM: One shoe you’re dying to add to your collection?
JP: Black Cat 4’s. I don’t have any solid shoes besides my Forces.


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