Here’s a sneakerhead for all seasons. Jose De Asis has been in Guam’s sneaker scene for a while now, and during that time he’s stocked up on everything from court shoes to Roshes. According to Jose, there’s no shoe he wouldn’t rock–“It takes a lot for me to hate a shoe,” says Jose. Keep reading to see what heat he brought out this week and let us know which pair you loved the most in the comments.



MON_3Sunday in Jordan 6 Sport Blue

MNL You have a lot of different types of sneakers in your collection and you’re not really a “Jordan guy” or a “SB guy” or a “runner guy,” but what’s one style you tend to gravitate towards and why?
When it comes to sneakers it takes a lot for me to hate a shoe, but I’m quite particular with what i put on my feet. For a while now I’ve been leaning towards the runner and trainer game, not only because they’re stylish but more because the comfort is just amazing on so many pairs. Don’t get me wrong though, I still got mad love for my J’s and SB’s, but if you combine a dope concept with amazing comfort…thats definitely right up my alley.



SUN_3Monday in Jordan 4 Black/Cool Grey

MN: What’s the sneaker scene like on Guam? I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on it.
JDA: There’s lots of people that mistake Guam for being under the rocks when it comes to the shoe game. But real talk–Guam’s got heat! haha But we are all family here, being that Guam is such a small island we are at least familiar with majority of the heads locally. We look out for one another and we also welcome new faces with open arms wether they may be from the mainland or just starting out a collection. I’ve been in the game for a long while now, but there are those individuals who have been in it much longer than I have. But Guam has got so much potential when it comes to the sneaker scene. I definitely feel more of the culture to build up in the near future.



TUE_3Tuesday in Ronnie Fieg x Asics Gel Lyte III “ECP – Knicks”

MN: Shoe that started it all for you?
JDA: The shoe that started it all for me has to be the basic Nike Dunk. I remember in my grade school days when I saw it [the Dunk] for the first time and tried it on–for some reason I just felt so fly [laughs]. And not to mention the wings on the side just seemed really cool to me. After that, I was able to save up to buy a few colorways, [and eventually] the Air Jordan 1 caught my attention because it was similar to the Dunks. My Jordan Brand experience began from there. Nike SB’s came in the picture not too long after, and so on and so forth.


WED_2Wednesday in Nike Dunk High Pro SB “De La Soul”

MN: Do you consider yourself a collector? How many shoes are you at right now and do you see yourself stopping?
JDA: I do consider myself a collector–a collector in a sense that I like to look for that special gem whether it be and OG pair or just a shoe that I just have to own. To this day I have about 50-60 pairs in the collection. As to if I ever see myself stopping? I like to say once a sneakerhead, always a sneakerhead. So even if the thirst slows down, I’ll always have a passion for sneakers.



THURS_3Thursday in New Balance 998 “Pebble Blue”

MN: What’s your grail?
JDA: My all time grail hands down is the 1985 Air Jordan 1 Bred. Dunks were what started it all for me, the Air Jordan 1 just brought it all to the next level–and with that iconic, classic black and red colorway and [all] the history it holds, the Air Jordan 1 Bred has always and to this day remained a personal grail of mine.


FRI_2Friday in 2001 Jordan 1 Bred

MN: Back to the topic of you having a lot of different kinds of sneakers–is there any type of sneaker you won’t jump on?
JDA: There are so many dope designs and silhouettes out there [in the market] today. I got love for it all, but I just don’t see my self rocking Timberland boots. Its not that I don’t like the shoe, the boot just doesn’t conform to my body type, and to be honest I’m quite upset at the fact that they don’t look that good on me because its such a dope look.


SAT_2Saturday in Nike Dunk Low Pro SB “Flash”

MN: Fun fact about you and your sneakers?
JDA: To be honest, I don’t think i have a fun fact about my sneakers [laughs]. But i guess I can say that its been one hell of a journey to be where I am today. I’ve met tons of great people on island and abroad as well through sneakers and if it wasn’t for my shoes that wouldn’t of been possible.


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