We’ve all heard the “Rock Em Don’t Stock Em” phrase thrown around by sneaker connoisseurs but how far are you willing to go?  deadendgenius apparently went HAM at a party last night, which resulted in his Platinum pair to completely get pwned. The entire upper is covered in mud spots, dirt, possibly vomit? Are you willing to party hard in your kicks and know this might happen? Let us know.

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  1. Really? Take care of ur things… This is raw reckless f^ ckery … Simple analogy .. Who buys a lambo to crash it just cuz u can… Taking YOLO way to far

  2. this guy is clearly a sucka who got disrespected for wearing them at a party, someone even looked at my shit the wrong way gonna get snuffed. people had no respect for this kid and stomped on his sneakers

  3. Wow, bunch on pansy ass losers commenting! Obviously this guy is living life to its fullest! Sounds like a bunch of you all worry too much about your sneakers at parties, thats pretty homo. Its not like these are destroyed, nothing some jason markk and a brush can’t fix. I bet most of yall dont even rock your kicks more than twice and resell em, fkin posers!

    • For real though me personally if my shoes get fucked up at a party oh im thinking about having fun not my shoes getting dirty they are just kicks made to be worn just clean em up after you're done having a good ass time thumbs up to you man.

  4. This individual is most likely in a position to get another pair or has several pairs already sitting in the closet. I'm also gonna go out on a limb and suggest, money isn't an issue either. Oh well, to each their own.

  5. LMFAO I did this same thing with a fresh pair of Concords on New Years Eve haha. I didn't feel so bad though cause I still got another pair to rock and one on ice. That is just sad about these though cause they are pretty much impossible to replace unless you got mad cash flow

  6. I guess no one should care what someone else does with their kicks I just hope he still wears them beat or not I haven’t even seen a pair let alone owning them

  7. I respect this, KICKS ARE MEANT TO BE WORN! Wear your kicks, and if you got the lifestyle to do that and cop another pair, why not!?

  8. This only bothers me because all of the shoes are limited, if it was a GR Release then yeah it wouldn't bother me that much, but there are plenty of people who wanted a chance to get at these because they truly appreciate the shoe, not because they wanted to have a funny YOLO Moment.

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