Let us know what you think about this rendition of the Air Jordan 5 in the “Bordeaux” colorway.
Via FC

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  1. These are really clean I'm feeling the spread of the color way and would absolutely buy them if they were available.

  2. Only these is the black on the back heel would look nicer in another color to much black on black the burgondy red shade would look better there I think

  3. i like the idea. as long as the colors stay true to the bordeaux 7 and not the bordeaux spizike. i'd cop

  4. Change that back heel to all black and make the tongue all 3m purple. Find some where to add more blue and green and you might have yourself a winner. :) That's just my opinion though. These are okay. I'd have to see it in person to catch the full effect.

  5. Idk about these, interesting but not too sure. I feel like there's too much going on. If the entire toe box was black they'd look better. It looks like they tried putting a different color everywhere they could on these. I'll give them a 7.5

  6. The Bordueax VIIIs are customs like these are and I haven't seen the bordueax 8s but I like these except for the back/heel to much black there I'd cop if they dropped

  7. Aye these alright although from what I been reading trust me the " Bordeaux " colorway would look way better on the Jordan 8 . But I probably cop these . Whoever came up for a Bordeaux Spizike should get a beatdown

  8. The amount of positive feedback towards these is disturbing. The V is one of my top three models for Js and the bordeaux VII might be my favorite jordan of them all.. but these are fucking hideous you couldn't pay me to wear them.


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