Kanye West’s partnership with adidas was one that would change the game forever. The influence West has had not only in the fashion industry, but in the footwear world is beyond any athlete. Being able to dominate both industries at the same time is quite difficult. However for Kanye West, the Chicago Native has bodied both in less than a year.

With that said, We’re often wondering about the endless possibilities between West and the three stripes. Adidas has everyone relevant locked in their roster. One of the more older influences and known streetwear pioneer, Nigo, has been with the three stripes for quite sometime. Both Nigo and Kanye West have crossed paths before, for those that don’t remember Ye’s obsession with Bape. Now that both are under the same wing, could we see an epic collab between both? Very possible and very likely.

Much like Jordan Brand’s move with Supreme, A Bathing Ape and a Yeezy collaboration would be a game changer and here we have a PS rendition of “What could Be”. Yeezy’s 750 sporting the classic Bape camo would be a game changer, not to mention the hype surrounding it. Would it make sense to you? Let us know if you’d cop a pair of these if they released.


  1. They would need to do different colorways if they do a Bape collaboration.
    Grey, white, and black
    Green army fatigue

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