Ok we know what you’re thinking…BLASPHEMY Right? We feel the same way but what if MJ REALLY ended up signing up with three stripes back in 84? Would we have still seen 28 models in the series? Would the Air Jordan still be an essential to millions across the world? Sneaker Freaker whips up an interesting article on what would’ve happened if Michael Jordan signed with Adidas and believe us, we’re happy that things went the way they did. Check out the Air Jordan x Adidas renditions and let us know what you think about the “Could’ve Been” model after the Jump.


The thought of Michael Jordan flossing Three Stripes seems about as likely as Donald Trump in a Jheri curl. But it’s not as far fetched as you might think. There was a time when Jordan’s heart wasn’t stuck on the Swoosh. Much like the vacuum cleaner fluff dangling from Donald’s ginger dome, the young MJ wavered awkwardly when Nike first wooed him. You see Jordan was an adidas man, and he was stubbornly set on wearing his favourite sneakers when he cracked the big show. All of which begs the question – what would the sneaker game look like had Michael followed his heart to adi’s Herzogenaurach headquarters? Yep, it’s time to wind the shot clock back and drop some Sliding Doors type shit as we ask what would have happened if Mike didn’t like Nike?




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  1. hell to the no!!! that would be crazy. i could not even imagine what the shoe game would be like now..would there have ever been an air penny.would a young mamba actually sign with the swoosh at the beginning or would he have gone adidas as well. would the tech of wear ur feet been earlier than mid-90’s?? very glad mj stayed with nike and tinker came up with the cements!

    • @Jonathan Broder ppl like you aren’t nothing but an extra body in line taking up space trying to fit in.. Kobe was with Adidas first .. So instead of writing a book on trying to see how much of a follower you can sound like on a public sneaker blog do your hw


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