A few individuals gathered around a pair of Air Jordan 4 White / Red “Lasers” and decided to burn them. Thoughts?

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  1. Brain dead motherfucker with his little ass-kissin' retards sayin' how cool his fat ass is. You burned your shoes….who gives a fuck? And he regrets burning the hat alraedy.

  2. Thats my Video. Me my brother and friends were just chilling and talking about how the shoe community is about profit and got away from the Culture. Sneaker Fiends United, Sneaker Freaks, Sole Supremacy and Sole Sickness are the communities I deal with beside ISS. Im hitmeallday900 on there. Even tho we joking I did this to prove a point that no one should be dying over a product. We live one life and need to enjoy it to the fullest.

  3. Sorry TD I dont give a fuck about the shoes your part of the problem in the SHoe community but thanks for watching.

  4. You're mom is gonna be mad you burnt those shoes she bought. This proves nothing. The money is already in Jordan Brands hands, if you got these off eBay you lined the resellers pocket too. It's an empty gesture. How is this helping the sneaker community? Repping ISS, one of the biggest group of bandwagon hype beasts on the internet isn't exactly going to get you props from the community either. You wanted to make a difference? You should have sold those Lasers and donated the money to a charity, or donated them to goodwill.

    Btw, I didn't bother watching this foolishness either, so don't thank me for watching. See you in line for the Concord release.

  5. this is what happens when you drop out of school….

    you think you're proving a point when in fact you aren't, and end up looking stupid.

  6. That shit is hillarious. What about them t23's. lmao. Why do people think that shoes should be $2k? I like this video. Too damn funny.

  7. Sadly y'all don't get it. Yeah we went to far possibly drinking and shit but my point was how sick the Shoe culture has gotten. I paid retail for my Laser Ivs first off 2nd their my shoes so fuck how you feel. 3rd I have another pair and to me Resellers are killing the culture.

    I been collecting since 97 98 and there didn't use to be fights and kids dying over sneakers. Now for all you that say donate you don't know the extent of my charitable contributions. I've donated kicks to the Salvation army just to find out that the workers listed them on Craigslist. This sneaker shit shouldn't consume your life that's all I'm saying.

  8. Its a shame y'all still can't look past us burning a pair of shoes.. Y'all tha same people that laughed when tha dude got beat up & got his foam posited took.. But we tryna show people that shoes are not that important.. Then dudes risked their freedom for a pair of over hyped shoes.. It ain't worth it..

  9. Hey Dwight, my bad. You sound like an intelligent person when you write. But your friends…"nigga you crazy" "nigga so crazy" "crazy nigga" blah blah. Part of me see's your point on the bs in the sneaker community. Fights and shit….

  10. That foamposite shit was not funny. Big dude beatin' on a little dude is never funny. And the piece of shit is goin' to jail, where he'll get his ass kicked in return. Okay, you burned the shoes to make a point. Maybe I can see it a little bit now. I admit I spoke too soon. Somebody admitting they were wrong? Crazy! But I just did….

  11. So the only way to get your message across that shoes shouldn't consume your life is to find a camera and record you burning a pair? Hmmm… Why didn't you just burn your entire collection? Better yet, why didn't you just find some homeless person on the side of a hwy and give them to him to wear? The point I'm trying to make is your actions were empty and without merit. I understand your point but there's 1,000,000 more tasteful ways to get your message across.

  12. I can do that to with no problem Ill burn a Pair next week and make a video. This time no Alcohol just me complaining about how sick this sneaker shit has gotten. S/N I paid 200 for my Lasers 1×10.5 1×11 and 1×7 for my wife. this shoe shit dont mean to me what it means to some of these kids.

  13. I'll keep an eye out for it. And for real, I see what you mean. A lot of kids just don't get it. Good lookin' out…

  14. man it's not that serious to me it's just shoes at the end of the day i agree with dude who made the video shoe culture is just geeked out now i've been buying shoes since '05 . and it's nice to see that people are still prejudice like Lee516 don't see how this makes anyone "a hood rat" btw you used the word in the wrong context. The main thing that pisses me off about everyone complaining over this whole ordeal of people getting beat over shoes is that ya'll act like this hasn't been going on for years like when people was getting smoked for starter jackets. When you have social media forums hyping up shoes, cars, etc then this senseless violence will continue to happen you can't stop violence we can only try to keep it at a minimum.

  15. You fuckin kidding me? Like if you dont want the shoes at least give em to someone or wear you wanna be sneakerheads. Gtfo

  16. Its true ^ . The only violence I wanna see is the big dude in the foamposite beatdown video gettin' knocked out by someone his own size. Instead of him hittin' someone half his size.

  17. People are not seeing the message behind this vid, it was made to prove a point to a reseller who was overpricing a pair of sneakers to my homeboy who has sold this same reseller at damn near retail. And if that isn't the worst part the reseller wanted the 4's for a good price………..now what happened to "scratch my back and I'll scratch your"?………so he decided to burn the lasers 4's and post it so the reseller could see that it's not about the sneakers it's about the principle!!! As for the the liquor & lean…..shit I was having a drink after a hard days work I'm grown as fuck I do what I want now my homeboy sips his purple sprite after a hard days work that's that mans business I don't partake but I will never knock a man for doing what he does. #SNEAKER FREAKS

  18. in the foamposite video little yo should not have approached big yo if he knew that has was gonna get his a** whipped. (Tragic)

  19. Big dude in the vid sayin" "who's yo man!?" "who the fuck is your man?" Like he's Tony Soprano or something. Man, please. It's hard to beat on a kid? Sad.

  20. Been collecting since 97-98 huh? If you have been in this "game" (and I HATE that term) you would know that people have been getting beat down and even killed for shoes since the 80's Jordans, NIKES, Starter Jackets, this isn't a new problem.

    IMO you are all doing this for attention. Want to prove a point? Get rid of ALL your shoes…even that second pair you got, I noticed you said you have or HAD a 10.5 AND a 11, that in itself kind of lessens the already weak message you are trying to send, video THAT and go rock some Wal-Mart specials, they are just shoes….and since you are so concerned about the young man who lost his foamposites go buy him a new pair. Don't worry about the fact he may have stolen the ones he had, it's about sending a message right? It's not that serious.

  21. Southpaw so all you heard was that I have another pair?? Your part of the problem. When you worry about what the next man has in his possesion you become part of the problem. Your why the culture sucks now. I could have a million pairs bit you be mad why knock Walmart kicks. So I guess NBA stars that rock once and throw away need Walmart deals? When its get to the point shoes are a property in your life you need guidence.

  22. You're trying hard to flip this on me, but it's not working. I'm not saying anything negative about Wal-Mart shoes, I'm saying if the message you are saying that you are trying to send is "they are just shoes" then get rid of all your "evil shoes" that are controlling lives and get rid of them and go get you some shoes from Wal-Mart or less "hyped" shoe. They are both just leather and rubber when you break it down, right? I've been collecting since 1989 and when I started it was NOTHING like this…the fact that you call sneakers a "culture" makes YOU much more of a problem than me. I just love sneakers and buy what I like. It's not a "culture" to me and don't call me a "sneaker head."

    I'm not worried about what you have in your possession, YOU made a video about your laser IVs, YOU mentioned that you have multiples…how big of a statement does it make burning a shoe you have ANOTHER pair of? The statement is weak regardless, the fact you have a back up pair is even more lame.

    Like I said, you want to make a statement? Release your soul of all those evil shoes that cause others so much pain, "the things you own end up owning you" relieve yourself the burden, video it, post it and make a REAL statement. Don't forget to get that poor young gentleman a new pair of Foams too. Man,what a statement that will make, I can't wait to see the next video.

  23. Find that kid I'll be sure to replace those kicks and get him another pair. I'm not trying to Flip anything your criticizing me for what I did with my shoes. I don't understand? And for me it's a culture I support most of the sneaker forums. Yes your right people were murdered over Starter Jackets back I'm the day but we didn't have the media outlet we have now. I'll be sure to burn something else and simply say. Don't put sneakers over priorities.

  24. It's not my responsibly to find the kid, I'm just a guy who enjoys shoes…you're the hero. I'm sure you and your Justice League can find dude.

    And Dwight, I don't care what you do with your shoes. Yes, go burn another pair of shoes if it makes you feel better.

  25. WHO GIVES A FU*& !!! You could have sold those for $100 and fed a Hungry family for XMas. Dumb fucks off lean wasting money, I bet not non of those internet fake thug c walkers own a house or even have a plan to but they swagged out in Louis and Polo paying the next millionaires bills.

  26. Bigwrongkind. I'm a home owner and I'm not gonna waste my time arguing. I burned my shoes in my driveway. Your about the shoes? I feed the homeless every month with my grandmother. You watched the video so you may ne one of those dudes pissed because you want Laser IVs

  27. Let this man burn what the fuck he wants to. Half you fuck heads only see a man burning a pair of shoes that either you want or feel he could have sold them and done whatever with the money. How many of you pricks donate your old shoes to the homeless( and dont even say you do just to sound like your trying to help someone).dwight props to you bro I see and get the message and feel the same way. When people are take pre orders for the concords for 350-390 it is a damn problem it's just a shoe and some of you suckas on here probably paid it. The sneaker culture has gone to shit and it's only getting worse.

  28. LOL, look, there's no sneaker culture. There are people who love kicks and buy tons of em, and there are people who simply don't give a fuck. The culture label's just proof that a fair amount of people into the sneaker thing these days want/need titles they can attach to themselves in a weak attempt to come across as more intersting…..well, you're still a boring douchebag, only now you're a douchebag with expensive footwear tastes and a hyperactive Twitter addiction (I'm not addressing anybody specific, just using the word "you" in a general context.)

    Next, this dude dwight's got every right to do whatever the fuck he wants with his shit. AS DO ALL OF US. If he had an issue with the Homeowners Association and torched his 2.8 million dollar home to "make a point," regardless of the point he's making or anybody's personal opinion on his actions, if he doesn't hurt somebody while doing it, he's got every right to do so. His money, his statement, his life, and his business.

    I don't feel his statement holds less credibility because he didn't burn EVERY pair he had. I understand how that would've been a CONCRETE statement with no room to argue his stance/seriousness, but I'm a fucking realist, and know damn well nobody's gonna go that far in most cases. One pair, one hundred pairs, same statement can be made with either amount. It's just a visual reference point used to carry a personal position/idea to a broad audience, and could've been made with any shoe in all reality.

    I'm the dude who shot the dogshit out of the black/red Jordan 6's two years ago and posted em in the "SAY NO TO FAKES" article on TSG. I did it because I fuckin' felt like it, knew my description of why I did it would get people going nuts, but also because I was making a somewhat personal "statment" about not taking this shit so seriously…..people come out of the woodwork with that bullshit, default, "you could've given em away" one-liner, but those same people probably haven't donated A DAMN THING….if they DO donate shit, fine, but in alot of cases I'm sure, they see a product they like being destroyed and take it personally, and they're in a position (behind a keyboard where everyone's a brave expert) to say whatever they want with next to no repercussions. In the end, none of this shit's serious. It's a fuckin' hobby. Expensive, yes, but that doesn't make piles of sneakers important….family, kids, not being a dirtbag drug using pedophile, shit like that matters…..Spacejams and Dunks are fucking NOTHING in the end, so let's collectively ease the fuck back and look at the whole thing with some sense of reality.

    Best article/post I've seen on here in a while…..keep up the good work MN.

  29. First of all.. All of you you who are trying to talk shit for him burning his shoes… GROW THE FUCK UP. Or get your money up go buy a pair, and stop crying over HIM burning HIS shoes. And hes completely right.. the culture has died, people take shoes way to serious. Dont get me wrong if someone purposely stepped on my shoes i would be mad. but people getting shot for stepping on shoes. come on people need to understand that a shoes is just leather stiched together. Im 18 years old and i've seen many people get FUCKED UP, stabbed and shot over shoes. A parent should have to go to there child's funural because of a material object in general, but over a pair of shoes. i gained alot of respect for everyone that was in this video. As much as some of you people may hate them for burning a pair you wish you had. its over and done with respect their opinon and choices. I personal want to know more about what there gonna start up in 2012 also cuz im down to join the movement… people overpricing shoes for no damn reason like its flightclub WTF. Really though Kudos on the video i was actually entertained while watching this. And ill be waiting for that video of the foams.

  30. Next month we launching a website. Sneaker Freaks we did all the documentation ect. Were gonna supply shoes at retail because Financially we can afford to walk in stores and cop multiple pairs on release dates and supply the people that miss them at retail plus shipping.Thew sneaker culture was once about helping people making friends and Networking. its all about profit and it makes me sick. Concords 185 plus tax when I paid 125 in 2001 and people pre-selling for 3-400? Im targeting the kid's that wants the shoes but has to go to school or work. The mother or father that wans to get her baby a nice pair of shoes but not get trampled by assholes running in the mall. Say what you want Ill burn a pair of shoes per month because I paid retail for all my shit and I got my moneys worth by wearing them. #Sneaker Freaks

  31. @DWIGHT.. I get your messege and I do believe you do have some points. when i got into this sneaker game, I did it because when i was young i came from a poor fam and all I could do is window shop, now i can buy the pairs I want and Like. I do it for the love of the shoe. But lately many people have fucking turned into haters and hating if another person has heat. they brag because their shoe is limited and worth alot more money that what u have, and some dont even like the shoe to begin with. All i know there has to come a point to where U love what u do and strictly business. If ur a sneaker head then much love. if your going to hate on people then ride out. Ive seen countless people get robbed for their sneakers, just because they hate on it.

  32. Lol hating a$$ chris thinks he's all holy going to church every weekend but he likes to talk $hit. That's funny.

  33. SOLE SICKNESS is a dope site why you motha Foookers talking (sh i T) these shoes are his he can do whatever he wants to them dont question his actions. if he wants to burn his shoes then let them burn them who cares and shout out to the dude rockin the what the dunks


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