Since the 90’s, there’s been numerous cases of kids getting killed for their Air Jordan’s and while many of us avoid any type of altercations in line, there’s always an unfortunate event that takes like the Air Jordan 7 ‘Olympic’ stabbing last month. Sneaker Freaker puts together a small editorial on Why kids are getting killed for their Air Jordan’s, Check it out and let us know if you agree on Why.

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  1. EVERYONE STFU!! If you want the f**king shoes you try your best to get em! If not swallow your pride and pay the resell prices. If not forget it. If people werent reselling people would be offering racks for a pair of kicks. Basic supply and demand! Suck it up and stfu about the resell game, and people getting stupid stabbed. Yes its stupid but you should know your risking problems. Dickheads.


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