We’ve all heard stories of lovers parting ways in raucous manners, from the age old throwing clothes out of the window of an apartment to burning, cutting up and or destroying sneakers. What we have here is the latter. A crossed wife who had found out her soon to be ex-husband had been, let’s say, far from faithful took destroying his sneakers to a new level. The woman, who posted the deed on Instagram, took to his Corks, his Grapes, his Tiffany’s and much more with what must be one impressive knife. While she may have taken it too far, gentlemen, just know, if you cross your partner (same goes to you ladies) make sure you are prepared to deal with the consequences. Keep a look out for some cheap kicks, if you’ve always wanted half of a certain pair of J’s this might be your chance.






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  1. Don’t matter if he cheated on that bitch,YOU JUST DON’T DO SOME LIKE THAT.
    The boy better start a lawsuit asap

  2. She should give all his kicks to homeless guys on the street and take a picture with every one of them. Make a IG acc and post there all of the pics. :))


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