With The Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” becoming a popular colorway for the Summer, you had to expect these joints to be just as limited as the Air Jordan 1 “Royal”. As we get closer to the date, you’ll hear more about the limited quantities made available but before we get into that, here’s a photo of Rip Hamilton’s AJ 1 “Black Toe” collection. This will probably give you another reason to believe why these joints will be so limited this Saturday. Good luck copping your pairs on May 25th.


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  1. Is he gonna do this with every release? Not all that impressive, considering he’s signed to JB… Rather show some samples, PEs

  2. +1, not impressive at all. Yes we see ¬†you have 20+ pairs of the same shoes being signed with JB, I imagine this was a stretch for you…meanwhile people who truly want just one pair are left and high and dry while Rip gets thousands of likes on his Instagram… SMH… I mean really, do you need this many pair? Are you keeping it “real”? Showing the “shoegame” mad love? No, my friend you are not.

  3. Really? This is another example as the spoiled keep being spoiled. What have you done ever in your career to be paid the way you have to sit on a bench and not do anything yet jordan brand will give you tons of kicks? keep rocking your doorag as you look like a welfare crackhead anyways


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