At today’s E3 presentation, Microsoft provided the first details of their next generation console, codenamed Project Scarlett. The company claims that this next console will be the biggest leap in their history, making vast improvements from the current generation’s console, the Xbox One. The console will launch in late 2020, alongside the highly-anticipate Halo Infinite.

The presentation focused mostly on the console’s specs and hardware capabilities. The processor for the next Xbox console, custom-made by AMD, will be four times more powerful than the one in the Xbox One X. Scarlett comes with native 4K and 60 FPS, with components capable of 8K and 120 FPS. Load times will be much faster thanks to the next gen’s solid state drive. The SSD will be used as virtual RAM, allowing for loading speeds that are 40 times faster.

Microsoft also unveiled other projects that they’ve been working on at E3, such as the Xbox Game Pass for PC, currently in beta. They also talked about bringing Xbox to the cloud with Project xCloud and Console Streaming, allowing players to be able to stream their Xbox One game library on the go. Look for this service to be able this October.

No word yet from Sony about their follow-up to the Playstation 4. Stay tuned to Modern Notoriety for more news about the next generation console war.



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