Yeezy’s aren’t easy to come by especially with the current Kanye hype. However, once in a while you’ll catch a break and actually be able to stunt Yeezys for the gram thanks to Luxury Swop. The company allows people to rent Yeezys and other sneakers via plans that have been structured for monthly rentals. For one to four days, you’ll be able to rent any pair of sneakers for $150, 1 pair of Sneakers a month for $300 and three sneakers for $450. For those that feel the need to stunt on the gram but can’t grab a pair in real life, this option should be considered. Check out LWOP’s site and get your rent on right now.

Join our elite club today and rent #yeezys #lswop #luxuryswop #lswp #yeezyboost350v2 #foryoureverymove @lswp_

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