In surprising news, famed adidas executive Jon Wexler is closing the Three Stripes chapter of his life to move on to other endeavors.

An internal memo sent to adidas employees reads as follows: “We regret to inform you that Jon Wexler, VP GM of Yeezy, has decided to leave Adidas to pursue interests outside the company, effective August 31.”

The memo continues: “Jon, also known by many as ‘Wex,’ joined Adidas in 2000 and quickly developed through a number of positions in Brand Communications and EIM. Most recently he successfully led the Yeezy BU. Over the last two decades, Wex has made significant contributions to the Adidas brand through establishing partnerships with creators such as Kanye West, Pharrell and Beyoncé, to name a few.”

Wex took on the YEEZY General Manager role this past November, but his ties to Kanye West run much deeper and far back then that. In his 2015 Footwear News Shoe of the Year Award acceptance speech, West spoke about how Wex “basically saved my life.” A quick scroll thru Wex’s IG shows how much dedication there is to the YEEZY brand.

We wish Wex much luck in his future endeavors.



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