If it’s one thing a lot of smaller basketball brands have in common, it’d have to be the lack of originality. Take for instance Chinese brand Uncle Martian that blatantly ripped off of Under Armour, or even Anta who took a bit of Nike’s Hyperdunk and mashed it up with random materials only to become Klay Thompson’s signature shoe.

Yesterday, Lavar Ball, Father of the Ball brothers, took to twitter the unveiling of his son’s first sneaker under Big Baller Brand. The sneakers were unveiled only to be immediately flamed by footwear enthusiasts that saw a resemblance with sneakers that have already been released.

1. Crazy Light Boost 2016

You don’t have to be a scholar in the footwear industry to know the difference between the adidas Crazy Light Low 2016 and the ZO2. The adidas basketball shoe featured a full on exposed Boost alongside a traction outsole that rode along the midsole.

The ZO2 version features a striking similarity to the Crazy Light Boost midsole, with the exception of real boost and a traction that looks like it would’ve belonged to a Kobe 11.

2. Nike Kobe 11

Shape is everything when it comes to basketball sneakers and if you’re around them everyday, you’ll begin to easily identify what shape belongs to which shoe even looking at a blank outline of the model. The ZO2 shape closely resembles the Nike Kobe 11, with a similar ankle cut as well as heel height. The lacing system almost looks identical, giving you another sneaker that inspired the ZO2.


3. Nike Kobe 9 EXT

Faux snakeskin adds a different approach to basketball sneakers and offers a lux feel for the court. The Nike Kobe 11 EXT was the first sneaker to bring that onto the market, as it featured a faux snakeskin upper inspired by the Black Mamba. The ZO2 didn’t fall short of that, as BBB also added a faux snakeskin upper making this entire shoe a knock-off Kobe.

Do you see any other sneakers that might’ve inspired the ZO2? Let us know in the comments section!



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