The flamboyant high-end fashion designer Jeremy Scott has yet another JS Wing color scheme up his sleeve, and they’re arriving at Adidas retailers. Black and white optical illusions have been printed throughout the entire upper, while gold accents add some nice contrast to this eye-catching pair of Wings. Hit up shops like Politics to grab your pair today and let us know via our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter if you’re feeling these loud sneaks.

Adidas_JS_WINGS_OP_ART_Sneaker_Politics7_1024x1024_result Adidas_JS_WINGS_OP_ART_Sneaker_Politics6_1024x1024_result Adidas_JS_WINGS_OP_ART_Sneaker_Politics4_1024x1024_result Adidas_JS_WINGS_OP_ART_Sneaker_Politics3_1024x1024_result Adidas_JS_WINGS_OP_ART_Sneaker_Politics1_1024x1024_result


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