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Last Week, we gave you a Sneak Peek at the Air Jordan 4 White / Cement Grey 2012 Sample that is set to drop in February of next year. Today, We have some On Foot images of the anticipated Air Jordan Retro 4 provided by Solefly. However, Don’t be alarmed folks, This is only a sample of the Air Jordan 4 White / Cement. The retail version will feature the speckles on the right places and hopefully, will keep it’s Retro 4 shape like the one seen here. What do you guys think just based off of these photos? Cop or Not?

air-jordan-4-cement-grey-2012 (2)

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  • soledout923

    they're almost all the way on point. they just need to lighten the grey and take the grey out of the mid section of the out sole. Cant wait to cop!!

  • Southpaw

    They look like fake IVs.

  • brennanizm

    I'll copp any IV. Well, except the Military.

    These take me back to 6th grade…

    Man, that was only 22 years ago, or so.


  • HeroAJ

    these looking fly,idk how the speckles sposed2be cus ima new SneakerHead(16yrsOld,SH since 14) but these look very good for something thats not a final product

  • BeelackGuy

    I hope the final product will be released with a lighter color grey, it would make them look so much better.

  • TokyoMike

    I'd really prefer the speckles, but whatever……if it's these or nothing, it's THESE.

  • Brandon

    Lmao!!! The by far are the worst samples I've ever seen!!!!

  • KLC853

    Those are gonna crease BAD!

  • Andre

    Is it so hard to produce a retro sample that does NOT look like crap?

  • ChiiTeezy

    they kinda turn me off

  • Prince Patrick II

    So far all the sample pictures of the White Cement IV's have been disappointed. JB, make this shoe just '99 version and slap a Jumpman on the back and you have a winner.

  • EazinEfrain

    Yo WTF!!…Nike just fix the problem fast not What final products should look like

  • jerry24

    They look like payless shoes. Terrible!!!!!!!!!!

  • sNeaKeRaZZi

    Tech Grey is NOT Cement Grey. Period.

  • luis

    their just samples dumbshits -___-

  • that fucking nigga n

    ^^^^sofaking true

  • alala

    the grey needs to be lighter and the speckles need to be darker. they need to get as close as they can to the 99's