Jordan Brand has conquered 2011 by releasing classic colorways of our favorite retro’s but there’s always room for more. This August, we will witness the return of another classic, The Air Jordan V 5 Black – Metallic Silver. The Air Jordan V – Black- Metallic Retro, released on January 20th, 2007 at a retail price of $135. Since then, the price has gone up $15 more dollars along with a few changes. The shoe features more of a ‘Softer’ nubuck than the previous release and the Jumpman on the sole is Red instead of Black. After the Jump, You can check out a complete detailed photo set of the Black – Varsity Red – Metallic V. Stick with Modern Notoriety for more FA11 surprises coming this week.

Air Jordan 5 Retro

Black – Varsity Red – Metallic Silver


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  • JMilionair

    Super fresh as always with the Metallic V's. Made in Taiwan?

  • Realballer

    hmm i dunno..kinda feelin the nubuck over the suede that they changed to.

  • Air23Jay™

    ^ nah they don't make in Taiwan they make in China.

  • Fresh Water

    No Way! This suede shit is not happening… lol I'd rather cod some OG's for double the retail price of these!

  • Jay man

    These are not suede thank you they look like the stuff on the nubuck 12s

  • Angel

    Hot shoe but the yellowing makes them undesirable

  • Southpaw

    These make the BINS look even better….and makes the 07s great and 2000 retros perfect.

  • Young.fig

    Not a big fan of the suede!

  • El Guapo

    I love the V’s and I’ve had 4 pairs. Retros from recent years have made a significant departure from the OG V’s and their retros in 99/00. The 3M tongues on the older releases were sewn on fabric, now they are a 3M coated synthetic pad. I’ve got a pair of the AJF 5 lows and that’s where I first noticed the deleterious difference. You see, the sewn 3M took years of abuse but the new 3M coating rubs off. It also gets scuffed easily by the lace locks, which is a pain in the ass since the shoes look dope with them on. That said, I’m waiting excitedly for these, as well as the Grey Wolf’s (Wolves?).

    OT, This year is also a good year for the VII’s. The Bordeaux’s were the first pair I had when I was young, I’m ecstatic that JB is finally retroing them! The build quality on the Orions is good, though I wonder if the white will withstand more than a light thrashing…. That said, the Cardinals are gonna be so nice too. You know I’m right!

  • LG Smith

    this aint gunna work for me

  • hebroman!

    dam this go hard better than the nubbuck to me..might cop in the summer

  • Oscar Castillo

    El guapo, great stuff man!

  • Dear Brand Jordan

    Stop ruining the dreams of many people. You are like parents having to break the news there is no Santa every time you kill another shoe. I will rock my 00s and 06s till the next retro, thanks.


  • toni

    Where can I purchase these ?