JEFFSTAPLE for HERSCHEL SUPPLY COMPANY. from jeffstaple on Vimeo.

The times in which we live in have seen upgrades to every aspect of our daily lives, from the cars we drive to the appliances we use even on down to the way we interact. The one thing that hasn’t changed all that much is how we travel, well, with what we travel. The way in which we travel has changed significantly. It’s no stretch for some people to get a call and have to be half-way across the world the next day, not leaving you much time to pack or think about what all you need to bring. This is where the baggage aficionados at Herschel Supply Co have stepped in, with a helping hand from the globetrotter/designer extraordinaire Jeff Staple. Seen here is an array of items designed for the modern traveler, with items including the Campaign Wheelie suitcase, Heritage Plus backpack and Chapter Dopp Kit, each draped in a stylized camo pattern that’ll make your luggage standout when you’re at baggage claim (just hope no other hypebeasts were on your flight). These are finished nicely with touches of Pigeon branding here and there, and lucky for the travelers out there, these will be up for grabs September 9th.


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