With Nike taking over the NFL, it only opens the door for an insane amount of NFL inspired colorways for the future.  A few weeks ago, We gave you a first look at the Nike Air Penny 5 that sported the classic ‘Orlando’ Magic colorway. Then followed another Penny 5, that was quick to gain the attention of Miami Dolphin fans. This particular colorway is done up in New Green and Safety Orange accenting the liner. These are highly recommended for any Dolphin fan repping their team this year. Via Chrispi

Nike Air Penny V
New Green/Safety Orange-White
December 2012

  • KT


  • Blue


  • Why are they making New Penny Hardaway shoes, they shoulda gave them to Amare, Lebron, Durant, or anybody else who is still playing.

    • Rome 1

      Penny was a great player and his shoes are classics that why. That’s just like saying why they still making Jordans and he doesn’t play either. Think about the spizikes and dub-zeros. Those shoe were made way after he retired and they were nice. Think about the player a what he bought to the table before you comment (I’m Just Saying).

  • donky lips from salute ur shorts

    so lame and wack wacky

  • Marcus

    im not hatin on still makin penny shoes, but this shit is whack ass dogshit, 1 the miami dolphins themed colorway dont make no sense, and beyond that the shoes just aint too good lookin imo

  • mase

    yeh i need these

  • Breeze

    Cop what you like, for me a definite pick up screw it if people dislike.

    • aber

      You just saying tyhat cuz wale rocked them huh? You planning to undo the laces too I bet. Hypebeasting already


    these look terrible !!! i like the idea of a new penny… but these suck !!!
    would never buy these ! i wouldnt even wear these to mow my lawn if someone gave me a pair for free…

    terrible !!!