The Nike Lebron 9 surfaced a few weeks ago and we’re sure that it’s sparked some curiosity amongst Lebron fans as to what colorways will be releasing in 2012. TSG and Foreversneakz recently posted a few photoshops by Jayzrdead and the South Beach colorway was one of the concepts he created. The Nike Lebron 9 South Beach Photoshop gives us an idea of what can possibly release in the later year. What do you guys think about the Nike Lebron 9 South Beach?

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  • donadamsky

    i'd cop, just need a touch more pnk though

  • vince

    these lebrons 9s look so high up the tongue looks like its gonna touch mid-shin hahah

  • TheBaller

    Extremely ugly…

  • choker Lebron

    this is the future no 4th quarter shoe,no ring shoe and a choker shoe,nice.

  • opkicksnlaces

    i'd cop and find someone dumb enough to trade me the south beach 8s

  • Blackout313

    LOL this might happen.

  • ryan

    I hope it doesn't turn out exactly like that something feels…missing???

  • luis torres

    pink laces would look better

  • jayzrdead

    Thanx for the feedback everyone. I have the sb 8s and the laces are LOUD but I kept them in. I think the colorway is nice both ways.

  • jren

    the south beaches this yr are going to be a 3 colorway shoe with max orange being one of the colors

  • markeeth

    I would only cop for basketball use not for rocking

  • Nutty

    Nothing touches the SB Lebron 8s in the 'South Beach' colorway of any shoe. Nothing!

  • dcsad

    im sure some idiots would pick these up….not even the right shade of teal…freshwater lebrons. smh

  • SneakerHead

    if they fix the shade of blue and made the swoosh black id cop these bitches