Nike Basketball will be lowering the price of the Nike Lebron 14 setting it at $175 as opposed to $200.

What really made Nike’s decision to lower the price? previous sales. Lebron’s signature shoes aren’t selling that well and after reports from several merchants, the swoosh has finally taken off a few bucks off top making it slightly affordable.

Although the shoe will probably end up being $200 total after taxes, there’s still some chance that the Nike Lebron 14 will perform better than the 13.  Stay tuned with Modern Notoriety for more news on the Nike Lebron 14 and let us know what a reasonable price is for a basketball signature in your book.

  • Dace

    Not surprising, Nike’s been raping the basketball community for quite sometime.

    • Jae DeWayne

      Yep. They were trying to see how high they could go on the price without sacrificing too many sales. Well, they’ve hit the ceiling! On the Lebron’s at least…

  • bjworldstar

    This is great news especially if the LeBron 14s end up being dope🔥🔥👏