If you ever head over to Beaverton, You’ll come across some of the last mint condition original Air Jordan’s you’ve ever seen. The entire line up from Air Jordan 1 – 13 (maybe more) can be seen in the most mint condition ever, in these air tight cases. The OG Jordans on display, feature a few differences from the retro’s we’re used to seeing these days, like the shapes and materials. Take a look at the OG Air Jordan Display at Beaverton after the jump. Big thanks to David

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  • Pete

    So these pics basically prove the fact that the 2012 Cement 4s are not closer to the OG than the 99 as some of you asswipes have been yelling about.

  • De C

    Pete, they were when they was tech gray. The 99 cement was much darker and the tech gray was lighter and closer to og. But then they darkened it again so the 99 and 2012 are both much darker than the og.

    But it's just a few grays darker, these grown men need to stop actin like b*tches all the time.

  • p

    Nice exhibit by nike

  • Jordan

    Quick question. Anyone know how the hell these OGs aren't yellowing? How were they stored or preserved. Mind blowing to me. I have OG concords DS and they are yellow. Not piss yellow but still those look icy still 16 yrs later

  • JsOnMyFeetz

    @ De C those 4's are the 1999's not the OG's.

  • foamjay11

    And how havent these yellowed yet????? I got a OG pair of 11s DS and there yellowed confused

  • Dee Fernandez

    Didn't you read, Those are air tight cases, which means no oxidation= no yellowing

  • Dee Fernandez

    But if you tried to walk in them, rest assure they'll fall apart!

  • DRH

    Too dope!

  • sneakerfan

    those og grape 5s are in the greatest condition iv ever seen for any og 5 shoe

  • Crucial416


  • Gary

    The III's are blown, lol

  • Bob Hope

    There's some yellowing in the rubber of the III's.

  • matt

    those iv's are the 99 retros aren't they? They have the upside down jordan tag behind the tonuge. The originals didn't have that I don't believe. Maybe I am way off but I don't remember my original ivs having that as I would have wondered why it was upside down.

  • David Romero

    THANKS FOR POSTING MY PHOTOS! hell cool! the grape 5 and cement 4 combo are by the the sickest two they had!