Fellas, Let this be a lesson for you. Do not cheat on your girlfriend or wife. You will get your concord’s burned.

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  • Sneakmein


  • katie

    Just keep it in your damn pants!!

  • Jc

    This pic is old. And photoshopped

  • HeroAJ

    so she single now right??she look bad as fuck :)

  • Hob

    Those real? I thought it had an icy sole? Still feel bad for him

  • Biglongthick

    Shiit bet he don't get with you again!,,I know I wouldn't

  • John doe

    I hope That bitch dead from aids

  • wesley pina

    That bitch got that off tumblr lol

  • BigRome

    Thats the way you make sure he doesn't come back.

  • sneakergameinsane

    Dead bitches tell no tales

  • De C

    That's his fault. He a goofball for letting her have excess to his sh*t after she found out he was cheating. Dummy.

  • Alex


  • DRH

    I would be mad AF!

  • curtis

    She right, he wont cheat. he wont be with her to do it again.

  • brian amorin

    id burn her weave

  • johnjohn81

    Hoe shit

  • phick

    black women "be" crazy

  • Executive

    Lmao! I wonder if he was one those dudes who cut in line for them and now karmas comin back to him?

  • cuervo

    lmao she went in tho.. she changed her twitter name after this came out.. check out my cement 4 vid review /watch?v=11VeYOHaRNM

  • bree

    She got it off tumblr. Smh fake hoes.