When thinking of New York streetwear brands, ONLY NY, Kith, BBC, and most notably, Supreme come to mind. However, a new challenger has risen, Rōnin Division.

Since 2012, Rōnin has been incorporating their unique style with everything they make, from accessories such as phone cases to their classic embroidered hoodies to distinctive graphic tees. Now, for Summer 2016, Rōnin is back with even more firepower in their lineup. Featuring premium french terry shorts, bold outerwear, graphic tees, skate decks, and even their own dice set, if you are a fan you do not want to be sleeping on this drop.

The release is set for this Friday, July 29th, at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. In the past, Rōnin products have sold out at times that rival Supreme, so be there on time and know what you want. Be sure to check out their full lookbook and product range for more information. Stay tuned @ModernNotoriety for more spotlights on up and coming brands such as Rōnin.